Friday, April 29, 2011

Ring a Ding King and Queen!

Sooo, I wasn't going to blog about the Royal Wedding because many more and far more talented people are doing it, but I'll admit the romance has gotten to me AND I need an easy way out of this evening's post due to exhaustion! I do love Kate Middleton's Grace Kelly throwback gown and thought the pouting bridesmaid as cute as anyone else, but with the grandeur of this wedding, how could your modest affair hope to live up to the new standards?

Princess Grace (Kelly) and Prince Ranier of Monaco

We can thank my college friend Taylor for providing tonight's link to Etsy's Royal Wedding List-- wander over and see if you, too, can be taken over by romance!

(And for those of us who are just a little bit geeky, E's Answer Bitch throws a political/historical bone or two our way!)

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