Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Ring a Ding Ding (Pt. 3)

Have you picked up on a theme yet? Ring around your finger, ring around your neck/wrist (cut me a little slack here, I'm stuck on this Frank Sinatra thing), and now a ring around your head! Headpieces and veils are SO hard to decide on; everyone loves a cathedral veil, but who really wants to deal with that? And how big does your tiara need to be before the whispers of "nouveau riche" or "wannabe princess" start? And what about comfort? Do you WANT a big thing on top of your head all day?

I scoured Etsy when looking for mine, and encourage you to do the same-- even if you don't buy one you're bound to find some amazing things like this adorable little shop carries!

Be Something New is another Etsy find of mine, though this one didn't come through Heartsy like the last two-- this one just popped up by happenstance! I wish it had shown itself sooner, because what a perfect place to find a vintage headpiece, or something that's not a long flowing veil, OR something adorable for bridesmaids and flower girls!

These would be perfect for all three-- flower girls will feel pretty, and bridesmaids and brides will look understated and beautiful!

Bridesmaids in blue or yellow will look smashing with these daisies in their hair-- and how perfect that they won't fade away! Your gals can keep the headband for years to come and remember your wedding each time!

And for the outdoors wedding? C'est magnifique! Yes, I'm obsessed with spring weddings because I didn't get one, but how could you not be with a beautiful piece like this that would fit so perfectly? Alternatively, you could work it in to a winter wonderland sort of theme; it's really one of those things that will look lovely no matter when you wear it!

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