Monday, April 18, 2011

Something for Everyone!

I've been thinking about this particular subject for a while now-- ever since the press started pondering the menu at Chelsea Clinton's wedding. Many outlets slammed the family's assumed choice of a vegan, gluten-free wedding, and shamed them for pressing their own dietary needs on the guests, and though I generally would agree with that, I'm quite certain that the Clinton/Mezvinsky event had enough funding to get some tip top options. But what about you? What if you can't afford to dish out $100/head? 

I believe that you should put out something for everyone at your reception-- yes, the wedding day is "all about you" but your guests are there to help you celebrate and have surely been a part of your life and therefore a part of everything leading up to this day. Notice that I didn't say audience, I said guests... When you have an intimate dinner party, it's easier to know off the top of your head if you should adjust the menu for allergies or dietary lifestyles, but a party of more than 10? That gets tricky.

This is where a buffet comes in handy-- sure, it's not as formal as a sit down dinner, but that doesn't mean it can't be just as classy and high-brow. These days, companies like Avalon Catering offer some amazing choices for a cocktail reception (fancy speak for buffet), including Georgia peaches wrapped in serrano ham, cheese and preserves, tortellini, pork shoulder, and oh so many more. If you're doing stations (another form of buffet), they offer h'ors dourves like gazpacho, lighter fare like bean salad, sage tarts, pasta salads, and main courses like Georgia trout and beef brisket! 

The point is that no matter your dietary needs and the needs of your guests, looking in to the cocktail and station alternatives may be the best way to suit everyone's needs and provide delicious food at the same time!

The buffet at my friend Jill-Marie's wedding-- Chopped BBQ Pork, Crab Souffle, Fresh Crudite, Stone Ground Grits, Cheddar Cheese Ring

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