Thursday, April 28, 2011

Ring a Ding Segue-- I mean Ding (Pt. 4)

I wanted this post to be about sashes because if we've learned nothing else from this week, it's that accessorizing is key! My wedding dress would have been totally unremarkable if it weren't for the sash, and I have seen a lot of dresses that needed just that little touch to make it memorable.

So what happens if you don't luck out on a dress with anything but a plain old sash? WELL, you segue on over to Amie Noel Designs on Etsy, that's what! She actually does mostly hair accessories, but her combination pieces are truly nifty...

One minute it's a hairpiece...

The next it's a sash!

Brilliant!! She has a couple of these designs (look for the headband/sash heading), and I'm willing to bet that if you asked nicely enough she could apply a couple of the others to a similar style. ALSO, in case your bouquet needs a sash as well (and what good bouquet doesn't? Let's face it, floral wire isn't gorgeous) she has these adorable and not-too-exorbitantly-priced bouquet ties!

Basically, I'm in love. There's a good chance that I will use sorority functions as an excuse to buy some of this just for myself! And yes, one of the labels IS "shiny" because that's what these are-- shiiiiny!

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