Sunday, April 17, 2011

Wedding Day Munchies

My husband and I went to an art opening last night that featured a couple of new businesses of the food type-- my favorite were the treats set out by Bear Maker Bakery! They had cherry lime-ade cookies, amaretto bites, bourbon pecan shortbread, and Nutella cupcakes. YUM! My wedding had cupcakes because my husband bakes and we didn't have several thousand to throw at a cake; the cupcakes were a hit and we got to choose loads of different flavors! BMB got me thinking last night about a wedding dessert bar. What couldn't you do with a dessert bar?

Amy Atlas Events of New York designs some AMAZING dessert tables, and I think they're just perfect for a unique wedding or event.

Imagine an amazing spring time or carnival-themed event, or even having little bags on the corner for a build your own favor table!
A romantic winter wedding would look stunning with these yummy chocolates and lolipop trees adorning your dessert table. Even a spring wedding or Valentine's would benefit from the dreamy feel.
Halloween weddings are growing in popularity, and why not? Look at all the fun you can have with the dessert table; I can only imagine the fun plans for the reception and guests!

I know we all love the tradition of the cake cutting, and there's nothing to say that you can't have a cake at the center of your dessert table design, but think about these options when considering your budget. A delicious cake from the Publix bakery with fondant and decoration will run you around $40, and the treats you put all over the table for your guests to much on can cost under $200 depending on your head count, so why bother spending $400+ for a wedding cake that perhaps not everyone can enjoy? 

Get creative, go a little crazy, take some queues from the brilliant Amy Atlas and add that something special to your event!  

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