Monday, October 17, 2011

Markdown Mondays: Paper Crazy!

Wedding Paper Divas, one of my favorite sites to browse through, is offering up 5 Samples For Free for a limited time! So, if you're having trouble choosing between... 

or even Very Vintage

you should definitely take advantage of this opportunity-- I spent about $15 ordering samples of the invitations I wanted and it was totally worth it because you'd be surprised how much difference there is between a white paneled invitation and a white double paneled invitation! Head on over and go wild-- I'm going to!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Wedding Unveils

Y'ALL. I just found this website,, and WOW I'm cracking up!The best thing is the range of stuff they have!

To a Peacock Dress with potential and a wow-factor (to put it nicely!)

And the actually-kind-of-awesome...

And the unique but strange

To a dress I totally want to try making!

As well as the getaway cars for James May's wedding

And finally, what might just be the most awesome/hilarious gift EVER.

If you're stressed out over your wedding, just wander over here for some good laughs and a few smiles-- it's worth the time!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Markdown Monday, The Limited

"While supplies last" over at The Limited, their wedding dress selection is all on sale! It's a small collection, but has a few fantastic choices for those with simple taste!

There is a lot of great variation within these 9 dresses and you could do a lot with them! A little something for everyone.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Markdown Monday

OK, so I was talking to a friend the other day and we agreed that the "worst" expense you love to expense in a wedding is the dress... she argued that David's is full of cheap material and that her natural material dress was way more comfortable than the one she almost bought at David's, and though I have no doubt that she's correct (I only tried on dresses at David's because they had THE DRESS) I also wonder why it really matters... To be perfectly honest, there's nothing to say that as long as you're within your budget you can't have a reception dress to follow up the picturesque one you use for the ceremony and pictures! As much as I adored MY dress, I almost wished I'd had a reception one!

So, here at AEA, we're going to start Markdown Mondays-- I say we, and I mean I. I will look through some of the major retailers for wedding dresses around Atlanta and on the internet and bring you the best deals your wedding dollars can buy and maybe even a few reception dresses to boot! Markdown Mondays sounds cheap and cheesy, but I'm hoping you'll enjoy it!

Now, of course, everyone seems to think that you "get what you pay for" when it comes to clothing, and I'm generally among that crowd, however if what you "get" is a dress that looks pretty on you, looks pretty in the pictures, and doesn't fail after 8 hours... I'd say that's about what you want in a wedding dress! 

My clearance David's Dress-- $114 with taxes!