Friday, September 30, 2011

Citi-fied Weddin'

Another amazing Etsy find are these beautiful Atlanta skyline save the date/invitation/etc...


I absolutely adore these, and not just because I'm in love with the beautiful skyline my hometown sports! You can do these invitations/save the dates in any color combo you want, which could set the tone for your wedding (I'll do a little bit on color next week) and the swank city skyline idea has inspired more than one party to be a hip, classic, and timeless event. Just imagine this one in black and white-- you could do an amazing black and white wedding that would tie in perfectly and a cinch to plan and decorate!

For more awesome invitation finds, check out my Wedding Paper Board on Pinterest!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Japanese Weddings

When you start talking tradition, nothing is more traditional than a Japanese wedding in the Shinto tradition. Many modern Japanese weddings will feature modern style attire but you'll always see touches of tradition throughout the ceremony! I took a lot of inspiration from the Japanese culture for my wedding (so now you see, Irish + Japanese = Wedding? Of course!) and was so pleased with the simple and beautiful outcome!

I adore this picture-- you can be cute and sassy no matter what you're wearing, and kimono fabric is GORGEOUS! (via: Google Images)

The cherry blossom symbolizes beauty, life, clouds, friendship, and an innumerable amount of other things in Japanese culture and are very easy to incorporate in to the design of a wedding! I used cherry blossoms to stamp the outsides of my invitations, and my husband made origami versions to scatter around the reception venue. It was the perfect touch to liven up a winter wedding!

You're wondering, though, how on earth I got Japanese? Just check out the back of my dress-- an obi style sash sealed the deal!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Irish Wedding

An Irish wedding isn't all that different from a normal wedding, but if you're looking for a little flair from the Emerald Isle, or to pay tribute to your lineage (like I did) there are a few things you can look to for a little inspiration!

This is a more traditional gown with knotwork on the front, but if you feel like that's a little much you can look to something like the gown below...

This is a Galina gown from David's Bridal-- the only missing element is the draping on the sleeves which could easily be added to a gown like this, or not if you feel like you'd just be getting tangled up.

The key with the gown is to pick something long and flowy with nice material-- nothing overdone, just something that's beautiful in its simplicity.

You can also look for Kelly Green bridesmaids dresses (everyone looks good in Kelly Green!), add a braid to your hair OR find a horse shoe necklace for good luck! Just remember, if you're looking for luck, the horse shoe has to face upwards so your luck doesn't fall out!

For a growing selection of inspiring finds and links, check out my "Irish Wedding" board on Pinterest. 

Monday, September 26, 2011

Indian Wedding

Indian weddings are known for being over the top productions-- color, tents, parades, horses, elephants, and lots and lots of jewelry! I've never been to an Indian wedding (much to my dismay) but I absolutely adore the unabashed use of color and the joy of the celebration!

I've found a few pictures that make me think "INDIAN WEDDING YES!" and have posted them to my "Indian Wedding" (duh...) pinboard on Pinterest, but here are some of my favorites...

Having trouble dressing your wedding party? Rainbow away!

Mehndi-Inspired Cookies-- perfect for a dessert table OR favors!

Any bride can find a good mehndi place-- a friend of mine incorporated it in to her traditional Jewish celebration!

I love these three in particular because I think that if you're looking for inspiration for a smaller wedding, you can definitely incorporate these things! If you think it's pretty, it's you-- don't let anyone tell you that just because you're not Indian, you couldn't have an Indian-inspired wedding!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

But no really...

($1000 store price)

I'm going to interrupt myself for a very important announcement...

Vera Wang is doing a series for David's Bridal. No lie.

If you want in on this party, get over there now because they're on sale! You could legitimately have a Vera Wang wedding gown for $400. But not that one up there, it's still $1,000.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Weddings for EVERYONE!


I know it's hard to tell from my amazingly creative posts and the awesomeness that oozes from my pores (yes, yes, a little self-deprication should be added to the tone of that sentence) BUT I'm kind of a traditionalist at heart. If I'd had the budget, I would have had a limo and a princess-style gown and a reception at the Mary Gay House with a DJ and catering from Avalon. I would have done some super cute Save The Date magnets and layered invitations with ribbons and heavy envelopes-- the ones that every little girl dreams of!

Of course, you grow up and you realize that only like 10% of the population can afford a wedding with hand passed h'ours dourves and open bars and ice sculptures and Vera Wang gowns.

It's a little heartbreaking at first, and I'm sorry to be a Debbie Downer, BUT the great thing about doing a wedding on a lower budget (even if lower means under $30k) is that you start to realize all the other opportunities out there. I would relish the opportunity to help plan a big expensive wedding, but I adore the DIY low budget ones because it's your chance to break out of the mold and really express yourself and what you really want out of your wedding.

When I started looking at our wedding, I thought it was a bit of a mish-mash, but looking back on it I realize it was a great expression of who we are as a couple, the many many things that have influenced us, and we even managed to get a little of our own genealogy referenced in the end!

So, this week is all about inspiration and why it's important in a wedding-- and the ways you can take that inspiration and create a wedding you'll always love!

Thursday, September 15, 2011


I've found Pinterest to be AMAZING. Where else are you going to find such a concise way of inspiring people and being inspired yourself?! So many other social media sites require that you know someone to have access to their ideas, and that's certainly a valid concern and should be taken in to consideration for the most part. Pinterest, however, is simply pictures and links, that's all. I've been so inspired over the last couple of weeks using this service that I've found myself unsure of what to post next!

Not only that, but as I'm stuck inside my own little world of brainstorming, other people are picking up my ideas and adding them to their little pools of brainstorming! Clearly, I find the entire thing fascinating! I can't say enough good things about Pinterest and if you're planning anything-- a wardrobe, a party, a classroom, ANYTHING then you need to be on Pinterest!

Now that I'm done adoring on a website, I'm going to go start scheduling some posts-- lots of amazing ideas bouncing around in this head, let's get some of them on to paper!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Destination Wedding... or is it?

A post by my designer hero, Amy Atlas, made me suddenly think-- who needs a destination wedding? Why not a wedding destination?

OK, that didn't make the same kind of sense on paper, but you get what I'm saying. Why fly halfway across the world? Why spend the money? Why make your friends and family spend the money? (unless you're trying to pare down your guest list, in which case you can just skip this post)

Hear me out for a minute, and take a look at my Pinterest board (oh, hello new obsession!) to see what I mean...

For save-the-dates, or even invitations, you can make up some vintage-style Hawaiian postcards to send out to everyone. I loved these postcards when I visited and bought a handful for myself. I'm willing to bet you could find them online in bulk, or just do the image up on your own cardstock.


Find a nice park or outside venue that doesn't mind you trucking in a little sand, or if they do then use some outdoor-approved seat cushions in a sand color to make the ground look a little more inviting!

A nice colorful cake (the surprise is key!), green tablecloths, blue accents, and plenty of fresh tropical fruit will tie the whole thing together. Toss some paper umbrellas (super cheap from places like Oriental Trading Company) down for drinks, mix up a few jugs of Mai Tais and everyone will be set to go!

Invite your guests to dress in tropical wear-- linens, sarongs, and tank tops and have ushers greet them all with leis (also cheap from OTC), and if kids are allowed you can pick up some beach balls and bubbles for them to play with during the reception. If you're lucky enough to have local musicians who can play some sweet luau music you're all set, and if not you can find plenty of CDs to set the mood.

My mind is racing, there's so much more you could do with this idea!! And the best part is that you could do this for ANY destination wedding setting!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Graceland, Graceland, Memphis, Tennessee

No, we aren't about to huddle down for a Paul Simon themed wedding, but instead to go with number three on my list of classic/cliched wedding venues-- Memphis!

Known for Beale Street and Graceland, Memphis isn't home to a whole lot else. I lived there for five years, and in spite of continued protestations from native Memphians, I just can't find much to live on. A wedding weekend away, however, is another story entirely!


Graceland is one of those places that people of all ages from all over the world will come to visit; during Death Week, tourists from the UK, Spain, and Russia pour in to the city to walk through the gates of Graceland and pay homage to the King. The chapel on the grounds is a nice, simple looking cottage with enough room for family and friends while still providing an intimate feel. The reception is where Graceland truly shines, though!

Catering options include everything from Hog Wild BBQ (which I like better than Corky's, also an option) to The Peabody, and their venues can hold anywhere from 65 to 1200 people! They also have a full staff for event planning and can do the entire thing for you in one fell swoop. Much like Atlantic City, Graceland is looking to make me obsolete!

Memphis itself has several options for weekenders looking for something fun-- the FedEx Forum hosts sporting events and concerts, The Peabody holds High Tea and has the world-famous ducks that march from the roof of the hotel down to the lobby, and Beale Street continues to put out amazing music and food to go with the libations! For those of you with family nervous about traveling, the airport is small and easy to navigate!

In Midtown Memphis, you'll find local restaurants like Bosco's (which would host a mean rehearsal dinner) and the Bayou (which would be perfect for a gator-loving bachelor party), and my absolute hands down favorite BBQ outside of Texas-- Central BBQ. There's also the Brooks Museum for an afternoon of art, and Overton Park right beside it if you're looking for a picnic.

Sure, I'm not a big fan of Memphis, but if you're looking for a classic/cliche wedding location it can't be beat!