Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Atlantic City Wedding!

So, you're thinking to yourself much like I was that Jersey ain't known for romance... lately, it's mostly known for Jersey Shore (which I have never watched and still know lots about-- that's how prevalent it is) and it seems to always be in the constant state of mockery for it's nickname, "The Garden State." In my previous life as an airline ASA/CSA I knew it for Newark, the least on time airport in the world and home to the people who hated to be forced to fly there.

Great way to start a blog entry on weddings, amirite?

It's because of all these things that places like Atlantic City have had to step up their game and reinvent themselves, though, and that's why my second "classic/cliche" (if you can find a way to combine those two words, I will pay you. In love.) wedding destination is Atlantic City, NJ-- the Vegas of the East Coast.

You can honestly tell a lot about a city by the website they put together-- my hometown's website, for example, is simple, cute, and functional which is very Decatur. Cities in the middle of nowhere mostly go for simple and functional with most attempts at attractive thrown out the window. Atlantic City has gone all out and created a subtly snazzy website with a lot of information, pictures, and links for the inquisitive tourist.

Much like Niagara Falls, Atlantic City has made tourism its bread and butter. They have spots on their site specifically for tour groups and meeting planners, so clearly they have this down. If you're looking to do a wedding that is well executed, you don't even need to hire someone like me. Dear God, Atlantic City, NJ just made me obsolete!

ANYWAY-- you're wondering how a casino town could be a great place for a wedding? I mean, sure, Vegas but Vegas is THE casino town, right? Apparently not-- I, for one, would be all about this view on my wedding day:


I'm right, right? So anywhere that's smart enough to have views like this is bound to have good food, right? One Atlantic is where this shot was taken, and they feature a wide array of attractive attributes. You know, outside of the shiny shiny above. Not only do they cater, but they cater with attention to organic food and farm to table supply chains! They are a Two Star Certified Green Event Facility, which is fantastic and lends a little more credibility to that Garden State thing... 

Outside of the venue, Atlantic City provides plenty of fun in the sun (and shade) for the wedding party on the go. The website even has a section on "Free" and "low cost" options in the area, which is a catch! Like any good casino city, there are also some amazing restaurant options-- everything from sushi to burgers and boardwalk fare. Another fantastic point? The website (I know, quiet about the website already) says it's 72 degrees there! I'm not sure about where you are, but here it's 81 feels like 84 and that's a cool night this week! Add to list of summer wedding destinations? Yes.

So, I guess what I'm saying is that I've already sold myself on Atlantic City and I'd sworn previously I was never going to set foot in NJ... just goes to show you what a fantastic website will do for tourism. Oh, and a completely re-vamped public image... Well played, Atlantic City, second on my "classic/cliche" weddings list!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Niagara Falls!

Tip one for a Niagara Falls Wedding-- when you Google the phrase, don't spell "Niagara" "Niagra" because Google will think you're an idiot. Fail, Southern girl, fail. The good news? It patronized me and sent me on to find out more about weddings in Niagara Falls!

So, I could go in to the minutiae about a destination wedding, but that's boring (and redundant) and let's admit it-- the reason we all want to get married somewhere like NF is the absolutely amazing scenery that surrounds you! 


I am all over the river boat at Stone Mountain, but this view? KILLER! Your guests will be in awe of the ceremony and will be in tears about the drama of the falls and the beauty of your marital bliss!

Another fantastic thing about NF or any other amazing outdoors space is that you can take advantage of the setting for your pictures! 


From what I can tell, a lot of the venues at Niagara Falls definitely go whole hog in the exploitation game-- they love the panoramic views and big glass windows, or meadows by the shores at the bottom of the falls. If you're looking for a quaint town with great activities for your wedding party and good food to munch on, you're good to set sail in Niagara! (Also, stop in at Joe's Crab Shack and you might catch sight of my dear friend and groomsman extraordinaire-- Joe! Note: He does not own said Crab Shack.) Below is what Joe had to say, and to me nothing sounds better than a little bit of kitsch finished with fireworks and a party!

Joe's 2 Cents: Yes! There are some great restaurants. Most of the good stuff is either on the Canadian side or in Buffalo (20 mins south). It's kinda weird...the American side of the falls still sees a lot of tourism, but many of the shops are closed and buildings are abandoned. Kinda represents a cultural shift in the states, really. Some of the activity is kitschy. A lot of neat things go on though, like jazz concerts, musical events, fireworks at the falls, etc.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

I suck at the internet sometimes...

OK, I'm about to rapid-fire post these things because CLEARLY I've lost my mind. I scheduled them to post at the end of AUGUST not the end of JULY. Seriously, folks, don't let yourself think you shouldn't hire me because of that... OK, maybe you just shouldn't hire me during the summer months.

I'm going to give you a brief "me" intro so you understand that because you know what? I don't think I've ever introduced myself!

Hi, I'm Meg! I'm an Atlanta native (I know, you didn't think there were any of us left-- we hide in the bushes until you least suspect it) and grew up specifically in Decatur. I left town for a while to get my BA in English Literature (minor in theatre) at Rhodes College in Memphis, TN. I'm a proud and involved member of Alpha Omicron Pi where I learned all of my event coordinating skillz (with a Z) and continue to love and cherish my sisterhood. I've worked at restaurants, for an airline, and currently run an after school and summer camp program which is why I sort of lose my brain during the summer time. As you may have been able to tell, I planned my own wedding which was December 19, 2009. My husband Jeremy and I live in town and he's a fantastic support system for me-- I don't know if anyone else would put up with this much tippy tapping on the keys of my netbook!

I decided to start this business because after planning MY wedding I thought I could be of assistance to others in my situation. I charge competitive prices that make my services available to folks who may not have a large income (I sure didn't when we got married; heck, I still don't!) and offer creative solutions for low cost events that match up to the fanciest parties you can think of!

Anyway, that after school/summer camp switchover is done now so I should be a little less scattered and you will have more amazing blog posts to adore and enjoy!

Hope you're all staying cool and you enjoy the (much belated) ode to classic wedding spots this week!