Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Halloween Dream

I. Love. Halloween! AND Thanksgiving, so my fall roots go a lot deeper than I ever thought. When I was a girl, I couldn't decide if I wanted a Halloween wedding or a Springtime wedding. I ended up with neither, but I had decided that a spring wedding would be easily decorated and way prettier. Now, however, I'm not so sure!

The number of pumpkin-based crafts and decorations out there are ENDLESS! From using stockings to spray painting, our favorite gourd is quite the scene-stealer, and with a spray of bleach and water it will even keep a few days. The other amazing thing is the number of colors they come in naturally-- there are white pumpkins at a nearby church every single year! Combine them with other natural elements for some beautiful nature-iffic touches on your tables.

Check out the centerpieces below and more on my Fall Wedding Pinboard at Pinterest!




Monday, November 28, 2011

Simple Centerpieces

Today's Markdown Monday is a referral to a DIY tutorial for the prettiest centerpieces I've seen in a while! I feature these in my post on Friday, but I think they would be amazing year round-- I'll be trying them out soon so look for an update on their real-life ease and beauty.

To find out how to make them yourself, head over to Crafty By Amanda!

Friday, November 25, 2011

Fall-ing in Love!

Yes, yes, way to come back from an extended absence-- with a bad pun! But, really, I am becoming more enamored of fall weddings as I find bouquets and other cute ideas on Pinterest. I used to be much more of a Spring Wedding kind of gal, but how could you not love these flowers?!





I especially love the berries in the bouquet-- you can find them just about everywhere, so they're a beautiful and inexpensive way to dress up any floral decoration you have.

With so many rich colors to add to your palate, how could you go wrong? And the weather is bound to be perfect! Thanksgiving in Indiana was even beautiful, so double check your area's historical temperatures and gear up to fall for fall! 

(plus, who doesn't love saying "autumnal"?) 

Monday, November 7, 2011

Markdown Mondays

We're bringing it back for Markdown Mondays here with a re-visit to the Dessy "NewlyMaid" program, which has just had a few dresses added from the original set I blogged about a while back.

They e-mailed me over the weekend to say that they've added 7 new dresses to the lineup!

Some of them seem like they're trying hard to be trendy:


And others fit right in with a stylish and simple LBD concept:


I still think it depends on how ridiculous your dress is as to whether or not you think it's a deal, but it's worth a look in to it if you're like me and you lack a little black dress to round out your closet!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Real Wedding: Della + Brent

My dear friends Della and Brent were married this past weekend and I was lucky enough to be hired on as their coordinator! I love the fall colors and Della looked beautiful, it doesn't hurt to have a venue like The Solarium! The cake was by Pastries A-Go-Go and the catering by Sun In My Belly, and they were both a pleasure to work with!