Sunday, April 10, 2011

All Dressed Up

So you read my last post and wanted to know your options if you DO want to be a princess? Never fear, that post is here! Now, I could start talking about the ball gown version of yesterday's Badgley Mishka, but where's the fun in that when designer Alfred Angelo has teamed up with Disney to make REAL princess inspired dresses?! The collage is a little rough, but here you go...

1. Snow White, 2. Jasmine, 3. Belle,
4. Cinderella, 5. Ariel, 6. Tiana

No doubt about it, these dresses are everything a proper Princess Bride dreams about! From tulle and taffeta to sequins and silk to ruffles and rhinestones, Alfred Angelo delivers! Though I'm more of a purist on my Disney designs (Ariel and Jasmine are my least favorite of the above dresses, but two of my favorite princesses) I'm definitely in love with the designs and the feeling they must give when they're on! I'm dying to sneak in to one of the boutiques and try each of them on to review their weight and wear.

The look is fantastic and you're sure to turn heads and get that gasp you always dreamed of, but as a friend and consultant, I couldn't let you pick one of these princess dresses or any other without considering the following:

One of the nit picky things about big dresses is their weight. When watching "Say Yes to the Dress", you can look at the Kleinfeld's employees when they drag some of the ball gowns out and see how much those dresses weigh-- upwards of 30-40lbs! Can you imagine putting on a dress that weighs roughly a quarter to a third of your own weight? My sister in law had such a dress-- it was a third if not more of her body weight and bustled up in the back so she could dance. She was gorgeous and loved her dress until the week after her wedding when her back hurt so badly she had to lay down most days to stretch it out. Now, she's a pretty tiny girl, so I'm not saying this will happen to all of you, but if you have a big dress try it on for a half hour at the salon; dance around in it, practice sitting and standing and bustling (if necessary). The salon won't hold it against you, wherever you are, because they want you to be happy and comfortable in it-- a happy customer is one who will send her friends there after all!

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