Monday, April 25, 2011

Ring a Ding Ding (Pt. 1)

Many people have trouble finding an affordable wedding set, and perhaps moreso with mens rings than with women's. My husband and I ended up buying dummy rings from Target not only because we were dirt poor, but also because we couldn't find anything we honestly liked!

To be up front, I am obsessed with the online coupon fad-- the Groupons, Half off Depots, and ScoutMobs make my life complete! My most recent find is Heartsy, which does the same thing for Etsy shop owners. It. Is. Brilliant! My second one, which happened by a fortuitous chance, is for June Designs. I was so excited to find an affordable silver ring to add to the wedding set my husband and I are slowly building!

Joelle's's designs are a mix of classic, simple, and earthy-- you get everything from simple bands in every metal imaginable to rings with adorable items perched on top, and she even works with stones as well. (There aren't any in her shop at the moment, but she IS working on a custom piece involving diamonds) 

I know not all of us are game for a simpler ring, but for those of us who are these are some really excellent options--for those of us who aren't, just send Joelle a message and see what she can work up for you. Anyone who has rose gold at their disposal has to have something amazing up their sleeve! 

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