Tuesday, May 31, 2011


So you want some pretty flowers? Just ask Scoutmob! Looking at a grand gesture for a kid-friendly or Hollywood themed reception? Groupon's got you covered! This is one of the reasons I think one year to plan a wedding is just about perfect-- another post for another day, though!

On to business, though-- exactly why are these deals worth the money? Surely it's just a drop in the bucket of a wedding budget? That Scoutmob deal only offers a $35 max discount!

Think about it-- if you're ordering several small bouquets from Foxgloves and Ivy, you're likely to end up getting one for free with $35 off! Going with the Groupon deal will save you as much as you would have spent, AND if you wanted something extravagant but couldn't justify a nearly $500 expenditure, this gives you the opportunity to throw something extra in there that will really wow your guests!

FunFlicks on Groupon

There are hundreds of deals each day, and it takes a little bit of time to look through them all but you can really make this work for you. If you're heavily strapped, then go for the Scoutmob deals since all it requires is a subscription, and if you have an Android, Blackberry Torch, or iPhone you can get the application which will automatically save all the deals even if you don't remember to pick it up through e-mail or text!

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