Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Getcha hur did

One of the expenses I finally bit the bullet on for my wedding was getting my hair done-- thankfully I figured out that Fresche (which was right across from our reception site and two minutes from the church) has a really reasonable price on that sort of thing, but what if I hadn't been so lucky? Or what if someone in your wedding party just needed a bit of a touch up? DoubleTakeDeals has had recently, and Groupon as well, coupons for local salons including Fresche and (I believe) Salon Red. Even if you can't find a salon you like on the coupon circuit, you can frequently find specials on their websites! Also, if you have a regular stylist and you're a good customer and have done referrals to others, there's a possibility you could talk them in to helping you out if you're tight on money. Scoutmob has had a slew of them lately, as well.

I did make the decision not to get my nails done before the wedding-- it was hard enough to squeeze out $100 for my hair, I just couldn't bring myself to plop down another $30 to have my nails properly done. If this Pampered Nail and Body Spa deal had been around at the time, I probably could have talked myself in to it and maybe passed it on to my bridesmaids as well since the big thing seems to be Spa Days for bridal parties!

If you spend a little time (and I really do mean a little, I found Fresche after a day) looking around you can find plenty of specials online and through the shops-- you may end up with a newer stylist, but it worked out perfectly for me and we had a trial run beforehand to make sure that nothing went wrong!

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