Saturday, May 14, 2011

Birthday Bliss

I went and saw Thor last night for a friend's birthday and it got me thinking about all the amazing parties I had as a child, and the crazy parties I'll be throwing for my kids one day! My favorite party in memory was the Barbie party I had at around 7-- of course, it wasn't fancy shmancy like the inspiration board would suggest, but involved cardboard and foil Barbie tiaras and all of us wearing our very best dress up princess outfits! The inspiration board for this one is small because, honestly, whether you have girls or boys they will all create their own awesomeness when given their favorite characters! Plus, it's a fantastic use for those leftover Halloween costumes and thrift store dress up finds!

The best thing about the Barbie cakes is that now they have more affordable Barbies on the shelves and if you know someone who can cook a dome cake for you BAM! Instant, affordable, impressive to small children type birthday cake!

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