Sunday, May 29, 2011

At Home Reception

A few weeks ago, when spring was just coming out and everyone was venturing outside, we invited some friends over for dinner! Given that we lucked out on the front porch department, we sat outside and had a wonderful relaxing night.

I sat there thinking about other parties we've had and how much fun it is to bring everyone in and enjoy each other's company! I know families who have done receptions at their homes, and while it's a bit stressful to pull the house together, you could spend all the venue rental money on food and drinks, the bride and groom can throw on a casual dress and suit, and if you have the back yard for it you could even just do a short ceremony and turn everyone loose!

Just think about it, you could do what we did this evening and make a ravioli bar (all you need is a little camp stove to keep the water boiling!), you could do a mac and cheese bar, you can use paper and plastic goods that will go straight in to your recycling bin, and you can throw some croquet sets, bean bag games, and horse shoes out and everyone can grab a beer and relax!

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