Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Apocalypse Wow!

With Judgement Day nigh, I thought we should take a few minutes to think about the kind of party we should be throwing on Friday night! Clearly, since the world as we know it will be gone, you shouldn't worry too much about price, and it won't really matter how much you weigh or if you're going to have a hangover so I say celebrate Decatur style! 


For me, a party isn't a party without some amazing edible/drinkable fare, and that happens to be something we do very well in Atlanta! Sushi from Sushi Avenue and Park Tavern (who's sangria is second only to my own-- in my own humble opinion, of course!), pizza from Everybody's and Athens, beer from Ale Yeah!, wine from Sherlock's, burgers from George's, Indian food from Bhojanic (don't forget smoothies from Nectar while you're there!), a party platter or two from Chick-fil-A and I'm good to go! Sure, that's a lot of food, but who cares? It's the Apocalypse!


What's more, we're definitely scheduled for some beautiful pre-Judgement Day weather, so why not rent out The Solarium at Scottish Rite for your shindig? Need more outdoor space? Try going au naturale and impromptu at Glenlake Park or hit up the block party feel at Harmony Park in Oakhurst! If you're like me and got to The Solarium too late, perhaps the ballroom at the Old Decatur Courthouse is still open and you can fling open all the windows and feel supah fancy your last night on earth! Heck, go raid the World of Coke or the Aquarium-- we all know those dolphins love to par-tay!
Old Decatur Courthouse Ballroom

Georgia Aquarium Special Events Dining

Need decorations? Swing by Ace Hardware and see if they have any of those "old-fashioned" patio lights to string up, then hop by Taste for the tableware and Heliotrope for some party favors!


It's easy to surround yourself with your favorite things in life here in Atlanta, and whether it's Judgement Day or just any other day, I think living here is a great excuse to throw down and show yourself and your friends a good time!

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  1. Love that, Love Atlanta, and LOVE the excuse to party. Bring it, Judgement Day!