Thursday, September 15, 2011


I've found Pinterest to be AMAZING. Where else are you going to find such a concise way of inspiring people and being inspired yourself?! So many other social media sites require that you know someone to have access to their ideas, and that's certainly a valid concern and should be taken in to consideration for the most part. Pinterest, however, is simply pictures and links, that's all. I've been so inspired over the last couple of weeks using this service that I've found myself unsure of what to post next!

Not only that, but as I'm stuck inside my own little world of brainstorming, other people are picking up my ideas and adding them to their little pools of brainstorming! Clearly, I find the entire thing fascinating! I can't say enough good things about Pinterest and if you're planning anything-- a wardrobe, a party, a classroom, ANYTHING then you need to be on Pinterest!

Now that I'm done adoring on a website, I'm going to go start scheduling some posts-- lots of amazing ideas bouncing around in this head, let's get some of them on to paper!

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