Saturday, September 3, 2011

Graceland, Graceland, Memphis, Tennessee

No, we aren't about to huddle down for a Paul Simon themed wedding, but instead to go with number three on my list of classic/cliched wedding venues-- Memphis!

Known for Beale Street and Graceland, Memphis isn't home to a whole lot else. I lived there for five years, and in spite of continued protestations from native Memphians, I just can't find much to live on. A wedding weekend away, however, is another story entirely!


Graceland is one of those places that people of all ages from all over the world will come to visit; during Death Week, tourists from the UK, Spain, and Russia pour in to the city to walk through the gates of Graceland and pay homage to the King. The chapel on the grounds is a nice, simple looking cottage with enough room for family and friends while still providing an intimate feel. The reception is where Graceland truly shines, though!

Catering options include everything from Hog Wild BBQ (which I like better than Corky's, also an option) to The Peabody, and their venues can hold anywhere from 65 to 1200 people! They also have a full staff for event planning and can do the entire thing for you in one fell swoop. Much like Atlantic City, Graceland is looking to make me obsolete!

Memphis itself has several options for weekenders looking for something fun-- the FedEx Forum hosts sporting events and concerts, The Peabody holds High Tea and has the world-famous ducks that march from the roof of the hotel down to the lobby, and Beale Street continues to put out amazing music and food to go with the libations! For those of you with family nervous about traveling, the airport is small and easy to navigate!

In Midtown Memphis, you'll find local restaurants like Bosco's (which would host a mean rehearsal dinner) and the Bayou (which would be perfect for a gator-loving bachelor party), and my absolute hands down favorite BBQ outside of Texas-- Central BBQ. There's also the Brooks Museum for an afternoon of art, and Overton Park right beside it if you're looking for a picnic.

Sure, I'm not a big fan of Memphis, but if you're looking for a classic/cliche wedding location it can't be beat!

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