Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Japanese Weddings

When you start talking tradition, nothing is more traditional than a Japanese wedding in the Shinto tradition. Many modern Japanese weddings will feature modern style attire but you'll always see touches of tradition throughout the ceremony! I took a lot of inspiration from the Japanese culture for my wedding (so now you see, Irish + Japanese = Wedding? Of course!) and was so pleased with the simple and beautiful outcome!

I adore this picture-- you can be cute and sassy no matter what you're wearing, and kimono fabric is GORGEOUS! (via: Google Images)

The cherry blossom symbolizes beauty, life, clouds, friendship, and an innumerable amount of other things in Japanese culture and are very easy to incorporate in to the design of a wedding! I used cherry blossoms to stamp the outsides of my invitations, and my husband made origami versions to scatter around the reception venue. It was the perfect touch to liven up a winter wedding!

You're wondering, though, how on earth I got Japanese? Just check out the back of my dress-- an obi style sash sealed the deal!

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