Monday, September 26, 2011

Indian Wedding

Indian weddings are known for being over the top productions-- color, tents, parades, horses, elephants, and lots and lots of jewelry! I've never been to an Indian wedding (much to my dismay) but I absolutely adore the unabashed use of color and the joy of the celebration!

I've found a few pictures that make me think "INDIAN WEDDING YES!" and have posted them to my "Indian Wedding" (duh...) pinboard on Pinterest, but here are some of my favorites...

Having trouble dressing your wedding party? Rainbow away!

Mehndi-Inspired Cookies-- perfect for a dessert table OR favors!

Any bride can find a good mehndi place-- a friend of mine incorporated it in to her traditional Jewish celebration!

I love these three in particular because I think that if you're looking for inspiration for a smaller wedding, you can definitely incorporate these things! If you think it's pretty, it's you-- don't let anyone tell you that just because you're not Indian, you couldn't have an Indian-inspired wedding!

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