Sunday, September 4, 2011

Destination Wedding... or is it?

A post by my designer hero, Amy Atlas, made me suddenly think-- who needs a destination wedding? Why not a wedding destination?

OK, that didn't make the same kind of sense on paper, but you get what I'm saying. Why fly halfway across the world? Why spend the money? Why make your friends and family spend the money? (unless you're trying to pare down your guest list, in which case you can just skip this post)

Hear me out for a minute, and take a look at my Pinterest board (oh, hello new obsession!) to see what I mean...

For save-the-dates, or even invitations, you can make up some vintage-style Hawaiian postcards to send out to everyone. I loved these postcards when I visited and bought a handful for myself. I'm willing to bet you could find them online in bulk, or just do the image up on your own cardstock.


Find a nice park or outside venue that doesn't mind you trucking in a little sand, or if they do then use some outdoor-approved seat cushions in a sand color to make the ground look a little more inviting!

A nice colorful cake (the surprise is key!), green tablecloths, blue accents, and plenty of fresh tropical fruit will tie the whole thing together. Toss some paper umbrellas (super cheap from places like Oriental Trading Company) down for drinks, mix up a few jugs of Mai Tais and everyone will be set to go!

Invite your guests to dress in tropical wear-- linens, sarongs, and tank tops and have ushers greet them all with leis (also cheap from OTC), and if kids are allowed you can pick up some beach balls and bubbles for them to play with during the reception. If you're lucky enough to have local musicians who can play some sweet luau music you're all set, and if not you can find plenty of CDs to set the mood.

My mind is racing, there's so much more you could do with this idea!! And the best part is that you could do this for ANY destination wedding setting!

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