Friday, December 2, 2011

Winter Wonderland

Happy December, y'all!

Winter weddings are close to my heart after my own accidental winter wedding, and I think there is SO much you can do to make it anything you want!

For starters, decor-- the first thing I thought of when I knew I would be having a December wedding was a Winter Wonderland with soft, cozy lighting and frosty looking centerpieces. There's so much more to it, though, depending on where you have your wedding/reception, what time of day, and what kind of couple you are!




With soft icicle lighting draping the ceiling, beautiful epsom salt luminaries on the tables, and snowballs greeting your guests at the door, elegance awaits at a beautiful winter wedding!

I'll do a few of these winter wedding pieces, so to start here's the "classic" Winter Wonderland with a bit of a twist! Keep up with these items and more on my Winter Wedding Pinboard on Pinterest!

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