Friday, December 23, 2011

Seasonal Shindig

One of the things that I wanted so hard to avoid was having a Seasonal Shindig-- we got married less than a week before Christmas and by golly, I had no intention of having a Christmas-y wedding!

I frequently say things emphatically and then end up having our goddaughter/flower girl dressed in red and white, favor boxes that look like wrapped presents, and a gift table with a tulle-wrapped Christmas tree...

But you know what? It was so. cute! People loved the favor boxes (which were filled with mini York Peppermint Patties, thank you Sam's Club!) and adored the Christmas tree table! Again, this is all about perspective; if you do your Christmas wedding and mean it, you won't come off looking cheesy, instead it will be just the opposite!

Think how cute black or Christmas green bridesmaids dresses would be with candy cane tights! Or a cute little flower girl in a Christmas dress? And, instead of the popular pom bouquets with flowers, have them made with tulle and ornaments instead!




You want to know something else awesome about getting married at Christmas? Most places, especially churches, will have decorations provided! One less thing to worry about/spend your money on!

Poinsettias? Perfect! 

Christmas tree? Sparkly!

There are loads of ways to stay seasonal with your wedding while still keeping it classy-- from vintage Christmas to modern merriment, keep track of these items and more on my Winter Wedding Pinboard on Pinterest!

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