Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Halloween Dream

I. Love. Halloween! AND Thanksgiving, so my fall roots go a lot deeper than I ever thought. When I was a girl, I couldn't decide if I wanted a Halloween wedding or a Springtime wedding. I ended up with neither, but I had decided that a spring wedding would be easily decorated and way prettier. Now, however, I'm not so sure!

The number of pumpkin-based crafts and decorations out there are ENDLESS! From using stockings to spray painting, our favorite gourd is quite the scene-stealer, and with a spray of bleach and water it will even keep a few days. The other amazing thing is the number of colors they come in naturally-- there are white pumpkins at a nearby church every single year! Combine them with other natural elements for some beautiful nature-iffic touches on your tables.

Check out the centerpieces below and more on my Fall Wedding Pinboard at Pinterest!




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