Monday, December 19, 2011

Happy Anniversary!!

Today is my second wedding anniversary, so Markdown Monday will come on Wednesday!

My husband Jeremy and I 

(warning: nostalgia and pictures ahead!!)

Our wedding had everything I could want and more, and inspired me to start this business! 

We had...

Uncles and Aunts

Fathers, Mothers, Grandmothers, and Grandfathers



Bagpipes and Drums

Sorority Sisters

College Friends

and the people who knew us before we were dating.

New Friends and Old Friends

Family we haven't seen since before Amelia was born!

An AMAZING wedding party...

And a wedding photographer assisted by my oldest friend all combined...

For a wedding we couldn't have dreamed!

Whether it's a birthday, a wedding, or a BBQ you can't get lost in the details-- the people you love will be there and will love you no matter what happens! The most amazing thing is that almost every single person in this crowd shot has been not only a continuing support for us as a couple, but have cheered me on in my endeavor to start my own business-- Agape Events Atlanta!

Thank you to the amazing people who celebrated that amazing day with us, and those who celebrated our first year together last year and who will celebrate with us tonight for our second year. And thank YOU, dear readers, for coming here and reading my blog and supporting my business!

First Anniversary, 12/19/10

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  1. Happy, Happy Anniversary, Jeremy and Megan! You two were simply made for each other...joined at the hip AND at the heart. Looking at these photos makes me relive your beautiful wedding all over again - it was wonderful. Love you, Aunt Linda & Uncle Rube.