Saturday, June 18, 2011

THIS One's For the Boys!

Amy Atlas is my hero, and that's just about all there is to it-- I adore her designs, and her take on Father's Day can be perfectly transitioned to a groom's shower OR a party for the groomsmen. Not that my bridesmaids and I are complaining, but the girls always get the glory when it comes to weddings and I don't know why the guys shouldn't get a little something, too!

When I picked out presents for our groomsmen, I tried to make them very old-school manly. Each guy got a vintage pair of cufflinks (with the exception of Joe, who got Mario and Luigi cufflinks because let's face it, that's just Joe), two little cigars that were "just the right size" and definitely the right price, an airline sized bottle of their favorite liquor, and some manly smelling tangerine mint hand sanitizer which was really just the most manly I found and turned out to be a big hit! This was all dressed up in a black and grey striped bag with silver paper. Amy Atlas has the super sized version of my idea and some of these might not be too hard to pull off for us mere mortals!

Fuzzy, but you get the idea-- Joe's cufflinks matched my husband's which were 1 UP Mushrooms!

Take this six pack, for example

(I'm on a Mac and don't know how to crop pictures, please don't judge me!)

If you can find some scrapbook paper in your wedding colors, you can wrap the bottles in that instead of just generic polka dots. Doing bowties instead? Cut out some bowties for the beer! You can find cookie cutters in every shape and size these days, so finding the right one for your guys shouldn't be hard and you can decorate them up like AA did with the ties below.

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