Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Baby Shower Do's and Don'ts

Don'ts, Don't's? Dos? Do's?

However you think that should be punctuated, we can all agree that there are baby showers that are awesome and baby showers that are... annoying and creepy. My latest blog obsession (because, yes, I get entirely obsessed with things-- see, The Bloggess and the week I lost reading her ENTIRE archive) is STFU, Parents. Living in the baby capitol of the world (Decatur, GA) I appreciate a lot of the posts over there, but it's definitely for people who have a sense of humor. The author, B, has a column on a site called Mommyish that's a pretty great site and last week they went all out!

This was the cake featured on the STFU post, and the Mommyish piece can be found here. Definitely worth a read if you're thinking of a baby shower. 

What do you think-- are shower games passe? Sure, everyone thinks that poopy diaper one is a little iffy, but we played the one with clothespins at my bridal shower and it was actually kinda fun! (and I'm NOT a big shower game person) I ended up with no clothespins and my college BFF/roomie/bridesmaid got to take home the bottle of wine she bought... maybe it's the bottle of wine v. the Yankee Candle? I mean, they don't have a sangria scented one... 

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