Monday, February 20, 2012

Birthday Blues

Some of us (ahem) who have winter birthdays feel the pain-- and those of us who love people with winter birthdays ALSO feel the pain. My father's birthday is 12/23, my birthday is 1/28, and my goddaughter's birthday is 2/26 with countless others strewn throughout. By the time you get past Christmas and New Years, you're coming up on Valentine's Day and you're broke and at a total loss as to what you should pick up!

Never fear, the internet is here to help; this week's markdown Monday is a visit to West Elm, Patina Stores, and Cursive New York which have some very expensive things, but also some wonderful little treats that will please your loved ones without breaking the bank!

Hand-Blocked Zipper Cases, $7-12 -- for the friend who has (and loses) everything

Alphabet Trays, $8 -- find a nice soap to add in, and you have the perfect bathroom gift!

Colored Pencils in a Box, $15 -- I still have a set I got as a child, these are a wonderfully whimsical gift for the person who has everything!

Tiger Game, $15 -- Table games are making a big time comeback, so if you know someone who likes Jenga (before OR after a glass of wine!) this would be an excellent addition to their collection.

Tabletop Games, $5.95 -- Speaking of tabletop games, if your friend likes to host, this may be just what they need! With 8 choices, you could build up their collection for birthdays and holidays to come!

I love these gifts because they're simple and fun-- we're so often worried about going all out for that perfect present OR trying to find something that the recipient "needs" because everyone "needs" something, right? You know what? Some of the best and most treasured presents I've ever received were little tiny gifts like these. Things that were fun and whimsical and just plain made my day. So, don't be afraid to get out there and look around-- poke around these three sites and Etsy because you never know what you're going to find that might make that special someone smile!

Keep up with these gifts and more on my Gift Ideas Pinboard on Pinterest!

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