Friday, April 26, 2013

Put a Pin In It!

Since I'm talking about my fangirling this week, I thought I'd mention Pinterest. Those of you who follow me over there may have noticed my pinning has dropped significantly in the last few months and that is SO not a result of me not perusing!

See, Pinterest has redesigned the site a couple of times. While this is kinda cool because the pictures are a little bit bigger, every time they change the setup it gets harder to scroll through the list of boards without a mouse with a scroll button! I'm also hoping that I can get the android app to work more smoothly so I can pin on the go... you know, because I'm not already surrounded by distractions!

I'm working on (and by working on, I mean I keep adding it to my shopping list and getting distracted at Target) getting a wireless mouse with a scroll button to get back to providing you with some amazing pins, but until then here are a few of my latest favorite pictures of inspiration AKA pinspiration!

From my Spring Fling Board - Pre-Made Drinks in Mason Jars!
 via (blog defunct)

From my Fairy Party Board - Favors for Little Dreamers!

From my Favors Board - An Italian Themed Wedding!

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