Monday, May 21, 2012

Picking Right Up

Well kids, real life has gotten in the way once again! My "real" job is running a child care facility and heading in to full day camp for the summer has been a doozy! Thankfully, after next week, life will be a little easier and I can start keeping everyone entertained again... That being said, let's pick up where I left off!

My last Markdown Monday (which is quickly turning in to DIY Monday) talked about submerged flowers in water. I still haven't had a chance to hit up the dollar store or anywhere else with silk flowers, but I *did* remember that for Lauren and Todd's wedding we did something similar for the centerpiece so here's a glimpse of the real thing until I can get you something fake ;)

For this one, we used the fun little water beads, which looked amazing with the lit candles! And the flowers stayed fresh and happy all night.

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