Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Niagara Falls!

Tip one for a Niagara Falls Wedding-- when you Google the phrase, don't spell "Niagara" "Niagra" because Google will think you're an idiot. Fail, Southern girl, fail. The good news? It patronized me and sent me on to find out more about weddings in Niagara Falls!

So, I could go in to the minutiae about a destination wedding, but that's boring (and redundant) and let's admit it-- the reason we all want to get married somewhere like NF is the absolutely amazing scenery that surrounds you! 


I am all over the river boat at Stone Mountain, but this view? KILLER! Your guests will be in awe of the ceremony and will be in tears about the drama of the falls and the beauty of your marital bliss!

Another fantastic thing about NF or any other amazing outdoors space is that you can take advantage of the setting for your pictures! 


From what I can tell, a lot of the venues at Niagara Falls definitely go whole hog in the exploitation game-- they love the panoramic views and big glass windows, or meadows by the shores at the bottom of the falls. If you're looking for a quaint town with great activities for your wedding party and good food to munch on, you're good to set sail in Niagara! (Also, stop in at Joe's Crab Shack and you might catch sight of my dear friend and groomsman extraordinaire-- Joe! Note: He does not own said Crab Shack.) Below is what Joe had to say, and to me nothing sounds better than a little bit of kitsch finished with fireworks and a party!

Joe's 2 Cents: Yes! There are some great restaurants. Most of the good stuff is either on the Canadian side or in Buffalo (20 mins south). It's kinda weird...the American side of the falls still sees a lot of tourism, but many of the shops are closed and buildings are abandoned. Kinda represents a cultural shift in the states, really. Some of the activity is kitschy. A lot of neat things go on though, like jazz concerts, musical events, fireworks at the falls, etc.

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